Government Auction Resources For Spain

Government departments who auction properties and other assets

These are the government department websites, many have English speaking departments while others do not. On saying that most of these sites are pretty self explanatory and some with pictures of the properties to be auctioned. If you plan on going to one of these auctions please be sure to take a translator with you and preferably someone who knows how the auction system works in Spain. Each of these government departments have their own procedure to follow which you should enquire about beforehand, don’t just expect to be able to turn up on the day and place a bid as there are procedures and financial checks involved before you can become eligible to even place a bid.

Many of the various government departments have now amalgamated their assets for disposal to the main official agency the BOE, however there are still some departments who also list various assets on their own websites, if this is the case then they generally show more details photos etc. so it pays to look through the list of website below.

BOE – The BOE is the main government agency in Spain and has recently become the main hub for many of the departments to dispose of various assets.

AEAT – In Spanish (updated now also in English) but self explanatory, lots of cheap auction properties held regularly which have arisen through non payment of taxes etc.

Ministry of Defence – Direct property disposal and auctions, in English.

Invied Ministry of Defense MOD department for the disposal of real estate and military housing, also the  sale of items that is unused by the Ministry of Defense, both internally and abroad such as weapons, equipment and other Defense products.

Social Security – Lots of property and various assets for disposal, including cars, boats etc. Read more apout the registration process at the Seg Social including frequently asked questions here

Tax department Barcelona – Properties for disposal in and around Barcelona.

Ministry of Economics Real estate auctions and other assets including insurance company reclaims etc..

Other Property Auctions Resources.

Mainly private auction sites where an individual has submitted their property to a company for a quick sale which is reflected in the price.

SEGIPSA – Regular public auctions from private and government sources. SEGIPSA periodically holds live public auctions in Madrid of properties and immovable property.

BNP PARIBAS – Live auctions held in Barcelona.