General Auction Resources Spain

Under the category general auctions you will find anything from Antiques through to cars, boats and household goods being auctioned in Spain.

Also on the Spanish Government Auctions page you will find some of the government websites also auction cars and general repossessed items as well as property so it’s worth checking these on a regular basis.

Lamasbolano Lamas Bolaño Auctions is a leading Spanish jewellery, antiques and paintings auction house. Our service is guaranteed by our 50 years experience in this field.

Plant and Machinery Auctions in Valencia

Autorola Online vehicle auctions in Spain.

Ebay Spain Yes Ebay is in Spain too, although it is not as popular as the US or UK versions.

Advisto General auctions and classified ad for Spain.

Salamoyua General antiques auctions, art, glass items etc.

Todo Coleccion General antiques, coins, stamps, technical antiques and other collectables.