Living & Buying Property in the Major Cities of Spain

Buying a bank repossessed property has been growing steadily in popularity since the start of the recession, unfortunately the old adage kicks in “one persons loss is another ones gain”.  The reasons behind this are numerous and include the reduction in complications such as paperwork and the transfer of ownership which in comparison to buying a house in the regular manner are lessened by buying directly from the bank. Many people prefer buying in this way simply because it has proven to be safer, and with all the bad press that is out there with illegal properties being sold you can understand why, after all a bank could never be seen as selling an illegal property or even authorising a mortgage on it.

There is plenty of cheap property in Spain that is coming on to market and most of the cities in Spain have an array of bank repossessed property and government auction property so you will not be disappointed.

Living in Madrid
The largest city and the capital of Spain, Madrid is located upon the river Manzanares and it marks the center of culture, economy and politics. Having been voted amongst the most livable cities in the world, it stands at the number one spot out of 10 in the 2010 index of  of the Monocle magazine. Housing a multitude of organisations and leading institutes such as the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and Royal Spanish Academy (RSA), it also proudly hosts events and fairs such as the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, ARCO and FITUR.

In addition to the introduction of the modern infrastructure, the city still preserves its vintage touch for historical monuments with many landmarks such as the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Beun Retiro Park and the famous National library founded in the 19th century. The temperature is maintained at a moderate level all year round with the summers and winters being considerably mild. Those who wish to purchase a repossessed property in Madrid can ensure they will have the advantage of a gentle all year agreeable climate in addition to a glorious cityscape.

The landmarks associated with the city have been a massive tourist attractions for years and as such are a major part of the revenue collected by the city. Religious centers and buildings are here in abundance and it is also a major player in facilities for literature and arts, some of the greatest literature pieces are preserved in institutions, libraries and centers which are replayed in theaters on a regular basis. To the nocturnal and night time revelers it is a splendid city as the night life is exuberant where bars, parks, and operas run all night long. Acquiring bank repossessed property in Spain specifically the capital, shall prove to be a wise investment as the city is an all rounder that suits almost everyone.

Madrid is the home of an ever increasing number of expats in fact international citizens make up nearly one tenth of the resident population. It is relatively affordable to live and has a high standard of living, the cost of eating out is reasonable and there are tapas bars to Michelin star restaurants, all in all Madrid is a fun place to be and you will never be bored with the choice of entertainment and attractions. It can however be baking hot in the height of summer and noisy too, but like everywhere else there are pros and cons.

Repossessed Property in Barcelona

Heading over to another of Spain’s massive cities, Barcelona is in fact the 2nd largest and is the capital of the Catalonian community. Located in a beautiful location between two rivers, on the coast, namely Besòs and Llobregat, the city has named itself the title of one of the world’s largest centers for tourism, economy and trade as well as holding great influence over the arts and cultural societies.


The transportation within the city is extensively designed to cater to all necessities of the traveler. With railway links to France and Europe in addition to international airports and motorway networks, Barcelona emanates the warmth of livable comfort within city life.

Some of the world’s most magnificent masterpieces in literature can be seen in the city many of which are World Heritage Sites. Of the 39 square miles of the city there are a great deal of museums, also at the last count sixty eight parks (including botanical gardens, historic, urban and forest) as well as seven magnificent beaches. The city plan has been so finely planned that you are never far from of a recreational spot or an inner city park, an important factor in city living. That being said shopping centers, malls and restaurants deck the city from the finest to the average typically Spanish local shops.

Barcelona has so many pretty side streets to explore everyone a little different to the other where hidden gems can be found. The outstanding architecture is a huge attraction in itself and many believe it is the most bustling and culturally rich cities in the whole of Europe.

Day to day living will depend on the area that you choose to live, you need to do your homework here as some places are quieter and more suitable for families where if you are looking for the best that the city offers together with a lively night time scene then an apartment near or in the centre will be perfect. The cost of living here is basically comparable to that of Madrid.

Living in Valencia

Property in Valencia has always been high in demand and is priced as such along with Barcelona and Madrid. Being the third largest city in the country, it also houses the greatest historic centre which serves as a major tourist attraction. The city is also home to a diverse entertainment culture and architectural prowess. Residents of the city converse in both Spanish and Catalan, the city prides itself for its major indulgence in the culinary arts with many historical events having taken place in the city, it is decked with rich cultures from the various regions of Spain.


With the gastronomic culture reigning over others it is not uncommon to find a plethora of top notch restaurants together with high class hotels and various international eateries, after all who can say no to good food?

Sport enthusiasts favor the city over the others for its famous football club, Valencia CF, which has won a great deal of championships in an outstanding manner, it is also the only city which has two US football teams.

With an excellent public transport infrastructure consisting of an extensive metro train network, tram service and bus routes Valencia is a popular place to live. There is also a public bicycle service operating throughout the city and if you are looking further afield there are regular ferries to the Balaeric Islands which include Mallorca and Ibiza.

The Valencian people are extremely sociable and very family orientated, there are many traditional festivals and street parties which gives it a strong community feel and is certainly a safe place to live. There are some great repossessed property bargains in Valencia making it a strong contender for city living in Spain


Living in Seville
Founded in 712 AD Seville came into being after the Muslim’s conquest on Spain. The culture of the city is largely centered around music, festivities of various sorts and gastronomy. The main sights include landmarks such as the Torre del Oro watchtower, the San Telmo Palace and the St. Mary Cathedral. Besides that, the rich historical details of the city are well preserved in countless globally recognised museums. As far as recreational activities and sports are concerned, Seville hosts a number of parks and gardens built to reflect the diverse culture of different countries.

Since the 1990’s, the rapid development in infrastructure has seen the city’s steady rise in investments and settlers. This is also cause for one of the many reasons why cheap property in Spain is now more easily obtainable. Quality is never compromised and many developments and estates are being furnished to a very high standard.

Seville is a big and busy city yet it manages to retain all the charms and friendliness of a smaller town, life is slower in Seville than other major European cities and the manaña syndrome is alive and thriving.

Tapas are the order of the day in Seville and the town is currently pending official recognition from UNESCO to claim the title of the world capital of tapas, tapas bars are everywhere and a regular pastime is to go on a “tapas crawl” you have heard of a pub crawl right? Well this is the civilised version!

Depending on your choice of property apartments in the centre can seem stuffy as it gets so hot in the height of the season and when you couple that with the traffic and the hustle and bustle it may not suit everyone however there is a growing trend where people are moving from the city centre and into the suburbs just outside, not only can you get more for your money when looking for a property but you get a better quality of living too. There are housing choices and options for every taste and every neighborhood has its own identity. See all available repossessions in Seville.

Repossessed Property in Malaga

Malaga City is the gateway to the Costa del Sol yet most people prefer to live outside the city in the many resorts of the Costa Del Sol. The city itself has a good quality of life and the unique feature is that this city actually has a beautiful long beach, the Playa de La Malagueta is a popular beach for both tourists and locals as it is so close to the city centre. There are many Chiringuitos (beach bar cafes) surround the beach making it a popular destination after a day of city activities.


With a subtropical and Mediterranean climate Malaga enjoys the warmest winters in the whole of Europe and is home to some of the finest artists, poets and philosophers in history, such as Pablo Picasso and Solomon Ibn Gabirol. The open museum at the center of this historic city contains the monuments and remains of Christian, Phoenician, Arabic and Roman cultures, the museums of the city are a major tourist attraction.

The mild all year climate serves as a massive tourist attraction throughout the year, close to 6 million tourists visit the city annually. The city is recognised for having an assorted culture in tourism, religion and sports, annually an array of these cultural events takes place.

The city boasts high end boutiques, shopping centres and gastrobars nestled between traditional taverns in the winding streets of the old town, the waterfront has recently been developed with a smart promenade with cafe bars, shops and restaurants. Unlike some Spanish cities Malaga does not wind down in summer so if you want to live in the warmest major beach city in Spain, you won’t be disappointed with Malaga, prices are comparable with other large Spanish cities and there are some good bank repossessed properties available.

Transport wise Malaga has its international Airport together with a modern railway network, sea ports, and an excellent network of roads and highways. The Underground rail system links to an overground rail network making travelling between the city and as far as Fuengirola a snap!

Living in Granada
A city located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains which is famous for its skiing resort, Granada boasts killer sceneries in addition to its urban lifestyle. Renowned for the University of Granada which houses over 80,000 students distributed over a collection of five different campuses. Its heritage is greatly attributed to the Spanish-Muslim art era which has also largely contributed to the monuments in the city.

Did you know that you can ski and sunbathe on the beach on the same day? well at certain times of the year in Granada you can do that! The ski resort is only a 40 minute drive from the city and the beach at Motril is a similar distance away.

Granada is much smaller than its counterparts in the fact that you can if you wish walk everywhere as it is all pretty compact.

The largest tourist attraction is the Alhambra Palace which attracts more than 3 million tourists a year, this makes it the most visited monument in Spain. Many of the streets are cobbled making it quaint and inviting. The people in Granada are friendly and always welcome visitors, there is a relaxed atmosphere with lots of celebrations and carnivals throughout the year.

Granada being a multi cultural city is easy for foreigners to blend in to the Spanish society.