The Balearic Islands

balearic islands spain

This beautiful group of islands is situated off the south east coast of mainland Spain, the Balearic islands are best known for the main four but there are other smaller Islands off the tourist trail providing a real escape for those who want it. There is an excellent climate all year round which has made the Balearics one of the top holiday destinations in Spain, particularly for those from Germany and the United Kingdom .


Being the largest of the Balearic islands is a popular choice for living all year round and as a very popular holiday destination. Palma de Mallorca is the capital and very cosmopolitan with its chic bars, restaurants shopping and nightclubs. Mallorca is also a real sailing hotspot attracting many cultures and celebrities, there are many first class rectaurants including those with Michelin stars which appeal to the foodies and the rich and famous.

At around two and a half hours flight time from most European airports and one of the popular low cost airline routes Palma airport in Mallorca welcomes millions of people each year making getting there an easy task.


Best known for its world famous club scene and attracts millions of party goers from arouns the globe year after year. However in contrast to this party scene atmosphere Ibiza has a historic town centre and most of the island, particularly in the north is really quite serene. Pine forests and rich green plains interspersed with sleepy villages means it is not just for the younger generation and attracts visitors from many walks of life.


Best known for its peaceful isolated beaches and coves and is the the second largest of the islands, over the years Menorca has shunned the developers as much as economically possible which can be seen in the sheer natural beauty of its pine forests and jagged coastline, a true paradise.


A tiny island of the Balearics and only 12 miles in length, Formentera does not have an airport and can only be reached by boat making it a unique experience. The beaches in Formentera are spectacular with crystal clear waters, there are no busy holiday resorts which make this a true haven for those seeking peacefullness and tranquillity.